Business of the Year

During the 2015 Herrin Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner, Megabytes was named the 2014 Business of the Year. This award is given to businesses who stand out among those in Southern Illinois as providing exceptional service to the community and leadership in their respective fields.

I could not be more honored to receive this award. Since starting Megabytes fifteen years ago, I’ve been told I would never make it, that my business model was fundamentally flawed and doomed to failure, and that no one in our area would pay for IT service.

Megabytes has come a long way from being run from a high school student’s bedroom to our current facility on 16th street. We’ve grown to hundreds of clients, expanded our service offering, expanded our workforce, and evolved to offer new and exciting products.

None of this would be possible without the people who have believed in me, trusted that I will advise them on what’s best for their business, and shared their experience with friends. I’m proud to say our very first client, from 2000, is still an active client today. The very first web site we ever built is still a Megabytes web site today, and was recently updated.

I owe my success to others. Without their guidance, generosity, love, and friendship I would not be doing what I am today, and Megabytes likely would not be in existence today. My parents fostered in me a great sense of business and community. My father has run his successful business, literally, since I was born. My mother spent nights working for United Way and HerrinFesta, to support her community. I continue to look up to them both, in the success that they have built for themselves, and hope one day to have built something as successful. 

Thank you to the Chamber of Commerce for thinking Megabytes deserves such high recognition, and thank you to all of our clients who have been with us through the years.

Evan R. Youngblood, CEO