Cloud Backup Solutions

cloudbackupBackup only works if it’s hands off. The backup must run by itself, without anyone remembering to swap a tape, or take a hard drive home. The backup must be accessible, even if your physical location is destroyed. The backup must be timely, offering the latest files for recovery. And finally, the backup must be cost effective. Cloud Backup fills all of these requirements and more..

Megabytes offers multiple Cloud Backup solutions to fit your needs. Everything from laptops to virtual servers can be covered with our Cloud Backup solutions.


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as low as $59.99 per year


Key Features

  • Automatic update anytime your computer is online
  • Completely hands-off operation, new files are automatically backed-up
  • Encrypted copies are stored in modern, secure data centers
  • Access your files from any device, anywhere, any time

Secure, Encrypted Backups

All Carbonite accounts are encrypted for security. Your data is never stored unencrypted on Carbonite’s servers. Pro users can even set their own encryption keys, making Carbonite HIPPA compliant.