Managed IT

Managed ITIntroducing Managed IT, a new approach to Small Business Information Technology. With Managed IT, your network is completely remotely managed by Megabytes. Offering 24/7 maintenance, problem alerts, and preventative care.


Remote Management of Servers, Workstations, Firewalls, Switches, NAS devices, and Printers
Anti-Virus with Content Filtering
Patch Management with No After-Hours Fees
Key-less Remote Support
Proactive Problem Resolution


How Does It Work

Managed IT uses a combination of cloud management and monitoring technology to bring the best of the cloud to Small Business. Our software monitors your network and devices without costly servers or third-party VPNs. Managed IT can be used on single-PC systems or across hundreds of workstations on Active Directory. Regardless of your size, Managed IT can be scaled for you.

Pay For Only What You Need

Managed IT is priced specifically to your size. There are no tiers to fit into, or minimum device requirements.