VirtualizationLet Megabytes help you harness the power of virtualization. Whether you’re looking for server consolidation or a full Virtual Desktop Environment, our skill and resources make sure you get what you need, at an affordable price.

One server or twenty,
virtualization makes your IT more efficient!

 What is Virtualization?

Virtualization allows multiple virtual computer to run on one physical computer. For example, a single physical server might run three Windows Server 2008 virtual servers, each performing three separate tasks.

How Can Virtualization Help Me?

By using effective virtualization, your organization can cut down the number of physical servers in use and/or get more use out of the physical equipment you have. By using virtualized servers, you get the most hardware utilization while keeping your overall system reliable and efficient. In addition, Megabytes can remotely manage your virtualized infrastructure, meaning you always have support, only one phone call away.