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Doing Business with Email

We all use email for business. It’s a fact of life. Email is free, fast, reliable, and universal. After all, email was one of the very first uses for the internet, back in the 70’s (yes, the 70’s). The concept of a universal messaging medium is the equivalent of the telephone. Each person can use […]

Business of the Year

During the 2015 Herrin Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner, Megabytes was named the 2014 Business of the Year. This award is given to businesses who stand out among those in Southern Illinois as providing exceptional service to the community and leadership in their respective fields.

Windows 10 to be Free Upgrade for Windows 7, 8 Users

Microsoft recently held a major Windows 10 press event. Windows 10 is the upcoming release of Windows, intended to replace Windows 8. Unlike previous versions of Windows, Microsoft claims Windows 10 will be a single product across multiple devices. Microsoft says Windows 10 will be a common platform on phones, tablets, desktops, and servers. They […]

OS X: Make a bootable USB drive for Yosemite before Installing

Apple has released OS X 10.10, Yosemite. It’s available for free from the Mac App Store, and I highly recommend you install it. Yosemite brings a much-needed graphical update to OS X and offers a slew of new features. However, the download is large (about 6GB) and if you immediately proceed to the install, the […]