Complete Business Solutions

Megabytes offers complete business technology solutions. With our Managed IT product, our team monitors your network, proactively solves problems, and stands ready to answer your tech questions and support issues. Managed IT offers 24 hour monitoring with problem resolution, meaning you're back to work faster and your employees are more productive. Managed IT customers save money by proactively having problems solved before downtime occurs. Additionally, Managed IT includes our Managed Anti-Virus and Managed Online Backup to keep your network safe and secure against both external and internal threats. Managed IT spans all your locations, including work-from-home employees with the same protection as being in the home office.

PC, Server, and Hardware Sales

Megabytes offers PCs, servers, network attached storage, networking, and wireless products for your business. All products are customized for your specific installation needs, ensuring you get what you need, when you need it, at a fair price. Our industry partnerships and years of experience mean our technicians can prepare your hardware prior to installation to ensure the smoothest and quickest possible installation, minimizing down-time and maximizing your business productivity.


From small networks to thousands of devices, Megabytes is ready. Whether you need to build a new network or are looking for management of your existing network, Megabytes' technicians are knowledgeable and experienced. Concerned your network security isn't what it should be? Slow application load times? Needing HIPAA or PCI compliance? Megabytes is ready to assist.


From anti-virus to online backup to firewalls, Megabytes network management always has security in mind. Security doesn't work unless it's seamless, silent, and automatic. Our Managed Anti-Virus and Managed Online Backup proactively monitors your network for problems while identifying threats and keeping your data safe. In today's world of cyber threats, your firewall is important. Gone are the days when a firewall could be installed and forgotten about. Megabytes offers a wide range of hardware choices to fit any business need, along with long-term planning and budgeting to ensure your business is always safe.

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