Public Websites

Our website solutions are complete. Nothing else to buy, no one else to talk to. We handle the graphics design, web hosting, code development, search engine optimization (SEO), and training. Enjoy a seamless transition of your existing web site, or the complete creation of a new one. Focusing on accessible, modern design, sites built by Megabytes work on all platforms, desktop, tablet, and smartphone without the need for complex and expensive dual-development. By utilizing modern techniques along with years of web experience, our solutions offer cost effective and attractive sites for small businesses.

Web Hosting

Do you have a perfectly fine website, but the hosting service leaves something to be desired? We can handle hosting as well! With Megabytes Premium hosting, you can rest easy knowing your website is secure, won't go down, and you can contact the host quickly! Switching to Megabytes is easy. Our web developers take care of everything from your domain name to your site content. Move your entire web site with nearly zero downtime. Megabytes can import your existing databases and adapt your existing dynamic systems into your new web site, providing your visitors with a new look and improved performance.

Custom Business Web Applications

A custom business web application is a service assistant tool that is tailored specifically towards your needs. Most web-based services are designed to assist as wide a market as possible. The result is that these services generally have a “one size fits all” design. That approach works perfectly if all you need is a basic tool that is “good enough and gets the job done.” The problem that many businesses discover is that they soon find themselves limited by the scope of the tool. At that point, they either shape themselves around the tool they chose, or must begin adding different tools to handle each unique task. If they need services to perform several different functions, they may soon find that they are paying thousands of dollars each year for different web services, with each service being integral to a different part of their business.

For very complex businesses, this could be accurately visualized by starting with a single strand of yarn and ending with a huge tangled knot of yarn with no idea how to untangle it, other than chopping it up. The custom application isn’t built to assist as wide a market as possible. It doesn’t utilize a “one size fits all” design. It doesn’t excel at serving one specific niche. The custom application is built to assist you.

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